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INSULAAR.EU is meant to simplify the life of mariners sailing recreational craft in Estonian waters. Systematically consolidated here is, above all, cartographic information, which originates from a varied number of public sources as well as visitors to the web page.

INSULAAR.EU does not distinguish on what basis the mariner of a small vessel is sailing. A cable’s length across the gulf is not too close nor a splash from Neptune on the borders of Estonia, before travelling around the world, too far. Also located at the same height above the Kronstadt zero are competitive yachts, green Nőroks (rowing boats), picturesque Princesses, somewhat battered Progresses, sound wooden ships and everything else sailing in Estonian waters, and a society becoming ever more colourful.

INSULAAR.EU does not represent any businesses directly associated with the sea. The principle behind Insular is independence, openness and orientation towards mariners themselves. If the information obtained here emboldens some mariners to safely take on a somewhat longer journey, very good, if it helps to save one turn of the propeller or wheel, even better. The development of Estonia as a maritime nation sounds a bit like boasting, but this is probably believed by the majority of those who visit INSULAAR.EU and naturally this is the long-term objective of Insulaar...

INSULAAR.EU will most likely never be completed or be perfect. Better to have some information in hand, than a propeller on the rocks. It should also be emphasised that all of the information found in INSULAAR.EU is unofficial and the decision to trust it is freely left up to each person individually.