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Map can be zoomed in, zoomed out or shifted with the icons in top left corner or with mouse (double click with left key will zoom in, double click with right key will zoom out, dragging with left key will shift).

Types of aids to navigation displayed on the map can be selected from the legend in right edge. Character of signs (correct signs used on navigational charts or visual signs) can be selected in the field above the legend.

Symbols used in different character sets are following:

North spar buoy North buoy
Southern spar buoy South buoy
Eastern spar buoy East buoy
Western spar buoy West buoy
Starboard-hand spar buoy Starboard-hand buoy
Port-hand spar buoy Port-hand buoy
Safe water spar buoy (mid-channel spar buoy) Safe water buoy (mid-channel buoy)
Isolated danger spar buoy Isolated danger buoy
  Lighthouse   Daymark
  Light beacon   Church

Click on the sign on the map will open extra window, showing or enabling to select additional information of the object. Amount and character of information is depending on the type of object. Often several navigation signs are located in close proximity. Therefore sometimes very large zoom is needed in order to click on the right sign.