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Useful links:

General marine forecasts:
Marine forecast in Europe, 60 h, animaton (Centre for Ocean and Ice, Danish Meteorological Institute)
Marine forecast, Gulf of Finland and Gulf of Riga, 6 d, animation (WeatherOnline,
Marine forecast, Central Baltic, incl. Saaremaa and Hiiumaa, 6 d, animation (WeatherOnline,

Specific marine forecasts:
Wave forecast at Baltic Sea, 48 h (ICM, Warszaw University)
Wind speed and direction at Northern and mid-Baltic, 48 h (Weatherproof, Finnish Meteorological Institute)

Storm forecast in Europa (ESTOFEX - European Storm Forecast Experiment)
NAVTEX text-flow

General weather forecasts:
Europe, 48 h, UM-model (ICM, Warszaw University)
Estonia, 1 week, animation (, in Estonian)

Specific weather forecasts:
Rain radar data and prediction at Southern Finland and Estonia, 8 h (in Finnish)

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