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Map can be zoomed in, zoomed out or shifted with the icons in top left corner or with mouse (double click with left key will zoom in, double click with right key will zoom out, dragging with left key will shift).

Types of points displayed on the map can be selected from the legend in right edge.

Click on the marker on the map will open extra window, showing or enabling to select additional information of the object. Amount and character of information is depending on the type of object.

Division of objects into types is certainly largely arbitrary and basing mainly on information from original source. Roughly, objects could be described as follows:
  • Harbours unsuitable for recreational craft – Harbours, where recreational craft can enter only in emergency situation or on the basis of former special agreements;
  • Harbours and Marinas Harbour or Marina has usually its own water area, aids to navigation, contact data;
  • Boat harbours – Very different small harbours used as recreational or small fishing harbours;
  • Separate berths and piers Facilities out of active use, but more or less suitable for docking;
  • Landing places – Very different facilities enabling landing, but usually not marked and often difficult to approach without local assistance;
  • Natural harbours – Places enabling such landing that people can go ashore with completely or almost dry foot;
  • Anchorages near the shore – Places enabling to stay safely at anchor in such distance from the shore, which enables to land with rubber or jolly boat, during hot season also by swimming or wading.