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From this form you can select aid to navigation, which data you wish to correct. As these are data from the official database of EMA, ordinary corrections are generally possible errors made by Insulaar itself and changes in database after the time specified in the date of the source.
Supplements shall be displayed on the map after verification.
Changes made outside navigation period of recreational craft in the database of EMA (e.g. removal of sings for winter period) shall not be shown on the map. However, the whole base shall be revised after the beginning of new navigation period. Corrections can also be sent via e-mail to the address info[at]
Name Type Latitude ° Longitude ° Color
995 Ringsu harbour ldg.l. rear light beacon Light beacon 57 46.914 23 15.595 W
996 Ringsu harbour safe water buoy Mid-channel buoy 57 46.726 23 16.766 W
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